Research at the Intersection of Synthetic Organic, Physical Organic, and Polymer Chemistry


Our latest paper was published in Chemical Communications! Congrats to May and Xiaoran!

Congratulations to May and Xiaoran on their latest publication in ChemComm! We report a readily synthesized mechanophore enabling the efficient mechanically triggered release of phenol and arylamine molecular payloads. Read more about it here.

The Robb group welcomes Dr. Peng Liu!

A warm welcome to our newest postdoc, Dr. Peng Liu!  Peng earned his PhD in 2020 from the University of Fribourg working with Prof. Andreas Kilbinger.  He joins us after a brief stay as a postdoc with Profs. Nico Bruns, Chris Weder, and Michael Mayer where he got a head start honing his polymer mechanochemistry skills.  Welcome to Caltech, Peng!

Our latest paper was published in Chemical Science! Way to go, Ross!

Our latest publication appears in Chemical Science! We demonstrate a new highly modular and synthetically accessible mechanophore platform that enables mechanically gated photoswitching in solution and in solid polymeric materials. Congrats, Ross! Check it out here.

Our latest paper was published in ACS Central Science! Congrats to Xiaoran, May, and Corey!

Check out our latest research on mechanically triggered release published today in ACS Central Science!  We develop key structure–activity relationships for 2-furylcarbinol derivatives that enable the mechanically triggered release of functionally diverse molecular cargo. Congratulations to Xiaoran, May, and Corey! Link to the paper here.

Our latest paper was published in the Journal of Polymer Science! Congrats to Skylar and Molly!

Congratulations to Skylar and Molly on their paper published today in the Journal of Polymer Science! We demonstrate the impact of isomerism on the reactivity and properties of naphthopyran mechanophores. Hats off to Skylar on her first paper and in her first year to boot! Check it out here.

Jolly awarded the 2020 Renuka D. Sharma Prize!

Congratulations to Jolly on receiving the 2020 Renuka D. Sharma Prize recognizing outstanding performance during a student's freshman year at Caltech! We are proud of you, Jolly!

Our latest paper was accepted in JACS! Congrats, Molly!

Congratulations to Molly on her communication just accepted in JACS! Molly discovered a unique mechanochemical reaction of a 2H-naphthopyran mechanophore that generates a persistent merocyanine dye. Check it out here.

Brooke Receives the RSC Student Prize Award!

Brooke received the RSC Student Prize Award for her presentation at the spring ACS national meeting in the Fundamentals of Polymer Mechanics symposium! Congratulations, Brooke!

Molly Presents in Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium!

Molly was invited to present her research in the Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research symposium at the spring ACS meeting! She was also one of four recipients of an additional recognition from Wiley!  Congratulations, Molly!

The Robb Group Says Farewell to Dr. Xiaoran Hu

We said farewell to the longest serving member of the Robb group, Dr. Xiaoran Hu. Good luck in your next adventure at Cornell University!

The Robb group welcomes two new graduate students!

A very warm welcome to Meng (Stella) Luo and Skylar Osler; We are excited for you to join the team!

Molly receives Barbara J. Burger Graduate Fellowship!

Congratulations to Molly who was recently awarded the 2020 Barbara J. Burger Graduate Fellowship!  Way to go, Molly!

Our latest paper was published in JACS!

Congratulations to Isabel and Corey, David, and Nick on their recent publication in JACS!  We took a deep dive into using the CoGEF computational method for predicting mechanochemical reactivity.  Also, our group's first paper with undergraduate coauthors!  Check it out here.

Brooke receives Eli Lilly Travel Award from the ACS Women Chemists Committee!

Congratulations to Brooke on receiving the Eli Lilly Travel Award from the ACS Women Chemists Committee to attend an upcoming ACS national meeting!

Molly's undergraduate research published in Nature!

Congratulations to Molly whose undergraduate research culminated in a coauthored paper published today in Nature!  Read about it out here.

We received a grant from the ACS PRF!

More good news!  We are grateful to the ACS Petroleum Research Fund for supporting our research with a 2020 Doctoral New Investigator grant!

Max receives 2020 Beckman Young Investigator Award!

We are incredibly grateful to the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation for supporting our research on mechanically triggered molecular release!

Our latest paper was accepted in Chemical Science! Congratulations to Brooke, Molly, and Corey!

Congratulations to Brooke, Molly, and Corey on their latest paper, which was recently accepted in Chemical Science!  "Designing Naphthopyran Mechanophores with Tunable Mechanochromic Behavior." Check it out here.

Congratulations Corey!

Congratulations to Corey for successfully passing his candidacy exam today!  The Robb group went 5 for 5 this year.  Way to go, everyone!

Congratulations Anna!

Congratulations to Anna for successfully passing her candidacy exam today!  This was also the Robb group's first virtual candidacy exam.  Well done, Anna!

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